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search engine optimization

In short, Google is the most popular website in the world, and your website should be found on this. This is done through search engine optimization, better known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

In short, search optimization is about making the most of Google's search capabilities and their priority indexing rules. On the one hand, different elements of your web solution or webshop must be brought to play together - and on the other hand, various external exercises can be brought into play to create a network of connection routes into your solution.

Some of the more common optimization disciplines are listed here:

  • Initial keyword analysis
  • Critical keyword selection and search phrases
  • Formulation and implementation of "descriptions" (title descriptions) and "metatexts" (the text you see on Google during a search)
  • Optimizing editorial headlines and body texts
  • Priority link building
  • Visit and conversion measurement m.m.
  • Evaluation and practical follow-up

However, it can be difficult to predict how much effort it takes to achieve an optimal position on its criteria. That is why it is very important to take a systematic approach and to give a clear priority to its efforts. In practice, it always turns out that some criteria can be lifted in the end with affordable efforts, while others require extraordinary efforts. Measuring during the process is thus an important part of the routine.

The effect of a well-executed optimization will often be explosive from the start. Other times it will require a little performance evaluation and adjustment on each selected search criterion before hitting the final top level. However, it is important to be aware that INZITE cannot promise a specific placement on Google on a given keyword.

As part of your company's online marketing, you can get help with search optimization at INZITE. INZITE's team of employees has been working with Google optimization since the birth of the concept, and we consider it today to be one of our most value-adding areas of competence.

If you want to learn more about search optimization offers and search optimization prices, please contact us on 96 47 40 40. You can also come by for a chat at our office in Dronninglund - only about 30 km from Aalborg. We also stay in Tornby near Hjørring.

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